Countdown to Audition for The Spring Course has begun. Check out these handy tips to make your audition experience enjoyable and stress free.

Auditions for the 2016 Spring course take place 18th October (yes, in just 5 weeks!) on stage, at The Alexandra Theatre, Bognor Regis. Find the booking form in the Information section of our website. For the audition, students will take part in a ballet class and learn some of the current repertoire to later perform on stage.

Auditions can be nerve-wracking, especially if it is your first one, so here is some advice to help students prepare:

Try to relax, smile, show emotion and make eye contact with the panel. They want to see you enjoy dancing. The audition is taking place on stage so that the panel can see your artistry as well as your technique. Perform as you would in front of an audience.

It’s vital to understand that in auditions, it’s not always the most technical dancer that is offered a place, but the one that best fits the artistic criteria set by the company directors. Let your personality shine through as much as possible and have confidence in your own unique abilities. As well as talent, the panel are looking for motivation, determination, discipline and musicality. They want to see your passion and enthusiasm for dance and how you work in a group.

Be professional; the panel are looking for talented dancers, but also someone who is willing to learn, responds well to feedback and is enthusiastic and passionate about dance. If you make a mistake, deal with it as you would in a performance. Try not to make a face, stop or show your disappointment – the panel may not notice a small mistake and if they do, they will see you handling it like a professional.

If you are given corrections, listen carefully and show you are keen to improve them. The panel will be watching to see how you respond and if you are willing to learn. Perform the exercises and choreography exactly as they are set by the teacher – don’t do your own thing to show-off!

Remember, the 30 or so minutes before the audition are often the most nerve wracking! It is easy to feel intimidated and impressed with all the other dancers warming up with you and to talk yourself down. Focus on your unique qualities and remember that however confident others might seem, they are probably feeling the same nerves as you.

Whilst there might be people more flexible than you, more technical than you, appearing more confident, some with more turnout, some with better outfits… at the end of the day, the most important factor is that you are here because you want to learn and improve.

Hopefully your audition will be a success, but if you are not successful this time then treat it as an opportunity for feedback and set yourself constructive goals to work towards. An audition panel is often most impressed by a return auditionee who has taken on board prior feedback and made significant improvement.

So good luck, and most of all – enjoy!