Course overview

Upon successful audition you will be invited to join the Youth Ballet Academy Course.

On the first morning, students will be placed into three groups. This will be your group for the duration of the course for your classes, coaching and rehearsals. Within your group, each day will begin with a ballet class, followed by a short break before attending a variety of rehearsals and specific coaching classes with special guest teachers.

During your scheduled rehearsals you will also be called to costume fittings.

All three groups will be having different classes simultaneously, so it is important that you remain with your group. There will be opportunities to spend time with other groups during breaks and lunchtimes.

You will be expected to attend your correct classes on time, ready and prepared, with hair in a neat bun and any shoes/equipment that is needed.

During the final days of the course you will focus on putting together the information and choreography you have learnt during your earlier classes and rehearsals. At this point the three groups will be working together; the choreography will be put together, both corps de ballet and soloists, to produce the final pieces ready for the performance of the two ballets.

There will also be final costume fittings and stage and costume rehearsals, finishing with the performance day.

During your classes and coaching sessions you will be learning and perfecting many techniques and steps. You will be expected to apply and use this new knowledge in both rehearsals and the final performance.

It is good dance practise to have a notebook and pen with you during classes and coaching so that you can make notes of any corrections that are given. This will really help you make the most of the expert coaching that you will be given.