Your aspirations

You will be encouraged to aspire to your own personal goals and celebrate your accomplishments. Our master classes and coaching will enable you to connect the precision of class steps with choreography. The rehearsals and production will develop your performance skills and artistry.

Throughout the course, from your audition to the last curtain call, you will experience the life of a dancer. Therefore, you will be expected to be independent and act responsibly at all times during the course. It is important that you are fully committed to the course and that you take time to reflect on corrections and choreography between sessions in order to reach your highest potential.

Rehearsals are not just about dancing but also watching and being supportive. When not dancing, you should observe other rehearsals quietly, paying attention to advice and corrections as they may also be relevant to yourself. We hope that the course will fuel your passion and enthusiasm as well as your determination to succeed as a dancer, and that you will make lasting friendships with others pursuing the same dream.

The nature of the course and the gathering of like minded students together, will provide both students and supporting parents with an invaluable network of contacts and friendships for the future.