Our vision

Our vision is an exciting team of renowned teachers coming together to offer expert tuition to talented and aspiring young dancers.

Our aim

To provide accessible training, throughout the UK, to dedicated young dancers determined to pursue a career in the challenging world of dance. The course will also be an inspiration and of benefit for those who would like to take their ballet training further but are not necessarily considering a career as a dancer.

The course is designed to supplement the student’s current training with a series of Master Classes, Coaching, Rehearsals and Performance opportunities. These will give students an insight into the rigours of the dance profession whilst being within a disciplined and nurturing environment.

Students will be exposed to the life of a dancer from the initial audition process through to the final curtain call. As well as mastering technique and developing artistry, they will learn the etiquette required of a dancer during classes, rehearsals and performances. This will not only develop their professional skills but also give them the maturity to be self sufficient as well as supportive of others.