Enhanced training courses for aspiring young dancers

Richard Slaughter and Ruth Egerton-Stein, both former professional dancers now teaching in the vocational sector, have recognised the need for ballet students who aspire to a career in the profession to have opportunities to enhance their training through additional expert tuition and high level performance experience.

The course will also be an inspiration and of benefit for those who would like to take their ballet training further but are not necessarily considering a career as a dancer.

With ever mounting pressure to succeed at audition for vocational training, and thereafter entrance to the profession, aspiring young dancers need opportunities and exposure to both the highest quality technical training and the disciplines and skills associated with the art of ballet in performance. The Youth Ballet Academy course is designed to complement and extend the work of the students’ dance schools, working in harmony with them to give aspiring young dancers the very highest chance of success.

Youth Ballet Academy will give these dedicated young dancers the special attention and training they need to develop and succeed individually, as well as opportunities to work together as a team with other like minded students.

Ex-professional dancers and renowned teachers will support, guide and teach the students in a caring, dynamic and creative environment; forging a memorable and lasting experience for the students that will stand them in good stead for their future development.

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